Oct 09

Best Seller Stunning Jewellery Stands this 2019

Jewellery stands works as an excellent accessory organizer, and at the same time, a gorgeous room decor.

You can use it to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It assures your baubles are free from scratches and prevents it from tangling with other accessories. Likewise, you can immediately have a quick survey on which jewellery for the day.

If your jewelry box could no longer hold your accessories, buy a jewellery stand.

Today, you’ll find a wide variety of this item in the online market. And one of the most popular online stores of jewellery stands in Australia is My Treasure Box. This store has a wide collection of jewellery stands in all sorts of designs, styles, colours, and sizes. Come and check out the best-seller and popular options jewellery stands at My Treasure Box below.

Jewellery Stands: My Treasure Box


The lovely silver colour of the HN9537 jewellery stand sure looks elegant and gorgeous; it features a withered tree design in a metallic silver finish. This item will certainly look fantastic in any room interior.

The product is made of aluminum. Hence, you can assure the stand is long-lasting and durable. It has several branches where you can hang necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and other accessories.

The total dimension of this item is 44.5 cm (H) x 3.5 cm (W) x 14 cm (Deep) and weighs 1.3 kg.

If you are not a fan of this colour, CASA UNO also has other options. Check out this jewellery stand in copper colour.


Do you prefer a classic and minimalist design?

If that is your style, then see this LH33 jewellery stand from Casa Uno. No doubt, you’ll love this item at first glance.

The Casa Uno Good Friends jewellery stand is available in black colour and made of iron, glass, and paper. The product’s design resembles a miniature street lamp with an iron post. The stand has hooks that can hold various trinkets from necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It has a separate slot at the bottom where you can place rings and clip-on accessories.

The item measures 41.5 cm (H) x 25.5 x cm (W) x 25.5 cm (Deep).


This jewellery tree stand by Casa Uno is unique from its former designs. It is smaller and features thicker and shorter branches. This stand is perfect for individuals looking for smaller versions of jewellery tree stands.

This item looks sophisticated with its metallic copper finish. It can easily fit in furnished rooms. The product can hold many accessories from necklaces to rings.

The product measures 16.5 cm (H) x 9.95 cm (W) x 6.5 cm (Deep). And, it only weighs 0.2 kg, which is a lot lighter compared to the above options.

Have you thought which among these choices you like the best?

If you need more time and options, go to My Treasure Box. Look for Jewellery Stand on the menu, click on it, and it’ll direct you to the top-seller products of the store.

Also, if you’ve got questions concerning the store’s products and services, you can always consult their team through chat support or call them.

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