Jul 03

Crazy Ideas for Fly Fishing and Football Trips All In One

So I want to be able to track which species of fish I’ve caught.

My first thought was to have a little book with the outlines of different kinds of fly fishable fish with their respective names underneath them an encyclopedia of sorts. Then you could color in and/or check off the fish as you catch the different species.

THEN I thought it might be even cooler to be able to do the same type of thing online, but of course it would be even better than just a book! You could login to your free account and chronicle your fly fishing experiences, a fishing journal of sorts. A World map with your own pins on it, where you could add details such as what species of fish you caught, which fly shop you went to, guide you hired, kind of gear/bait you used, what the weather was like the date you fished, upload pictures etc you could either make your map public, or share it with just your friends and everyone could read about your experiences. This would be even better for those looking for the best fly fishing gear out there, including check out some fly fishing rod reviews. 

It would also be nice if there was a database of all the fly shops, guides, charters etc. in the world. So say, you want to go fly fishing in

Germany you could see that Rudi Heigers shop is in Siegsdorf, or that Jan Siman is a guide for hire in the Czech Republic And you could search for pins where you’re wanting to fish so you could read about other people’s fly fishing experiences. The pins could also be color coded, for places you have fished and places you hope to fish someday. Also the same for species of fish you’ve already caught, and another for fish you’d like to catch. 

Wouldnt that be cool?

Is there anything like this already?

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