Apr 11

What Is Diamond Carat Weight and Why Is it Important?

When it comes to determining the value of diamonds, four Cs are used as the standard of evaluation. These four Cs refer to cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Diamonds sold in jewelry stores often come with a certificate from non-profit institutes like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA’s, and other similar institutes’, main task is to set and maintain standards that are used to evaluate the quality of gemstones, thereby protecting both buyers and sellers of gemstones like diamonds. The absence of a GIA certificate should raise a red flag especially if you’re buying diamonds or diamond jewelry from stores or sellers whose reputation has yet to be proven.

All four Cs are important, and one can’t work without the other three. More often than not though, people are more concerned with the diamond’s carat as this determines how much the diamond itself weighs. Usually, a single diamond carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams or .2 grams. When purchasing diamond jewelry, you’ll usually see “ct”, which refers to the weight of a single diamond stone. On the other hand, “ct TW” refers to the total weight of a jewelry piece if there are stones other than diamonds that are set in place.

As mentioned, people who often buy diamond jewelry are more interested in finding out its carat weight than the other three Cs. That’s because carat weight usually affects the value of the diamond. Usually, the value of a one-carat solitaire diamond is more than the value of two small diamonds with a combined weight of one carat or higher. That’s because it’s harder to find larger sized diamonds when mining for diamonds than it is to find smaller sized ones.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you, personally, should be interested in the carat weight of your diamond jewelry. Well, you never know when you’ll need to sell it for quick cash. Time and unforeseen occurrences may prompt you to sell the diamond in your engagement ring or wedding ring. There are businesses that actually buy loose diamonds or diamonds set on gold or platinum jewelry. Moreover, if you have a certificate from the GIA for your diamond jewelry, you can ask or negotiate a better price for your diamond. One such business is Speedy Diamond.

You’ll find on the speedydiamond.com site that they are better to transact with than diamond wholesalers since they are straight retailers. That eliminates an extra hand in the diamond-buying process that may affect the amount of money you’ll get out of the sale. When you sell your diamond to wholesalers, they’ll mark up the price before they sell it to retailers, and retailers will then mark it up before selling to customers. The bottom line is you’ll be getting less than what you deserve since your diamond went through three hands before the sale is done.

Nevertheless, if you sell it straight to Speedy Diamond, they’ll quote you a price for it, and they’ll mark it up to sell to their customers. Since the transaction involved you and Speedy Diamond only, you stand a chance of getting more when the sale is done.

Of course, whatever you’ll get from the sale of your diamond is all dependent on the four Cs, with emphasis on carat weight. So if you want to sell your diamond, better make sure it’s worth its weight in carats to ensure better profitability.

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